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Beauty Pageant Minute: The new Miss France 2012--and her "Scarlett O'Hara Gone With The Wind" Gown!

Miss Scarlett O'Hara of France Is...

Delphine Wespiser, "Miss Alsace" was crowned "Miss France 2012" and will compete in the 2012 edition of Miss Universe

This past Saturday, France crowned its 65th beauty queen. She represented Alsace, the fifth-smallest of the 27 regions of France, on the Eastern border, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland. Her name is Delphine Wespiser, she's a red-haired, 19 year-old management student and is 1.75 meters (5' 9"). The new "Miss France" was crowned at a televised show (shown on TF1) and held at the Penfeld Parc des Expositions in Brest.

Who Me? Delphine Wespiser, "Miss Alsace" reacts as her name is called out as "Miss France 2012"

She was crowned by last year's winner, the lovely Laury Thilleman--who was a favorite at "Miss Universe 2011" but didn't make the semi-finalist cut. Delphine's first and second runner-up of the event were Miss Pays de Loire, Mathilde Couly, and Miss Reunion, Marie Payet, respectively.

The Miss France pageant is an annual beauty pageant whose competitors are regional winners of local contests in Metropolitan France as well as its overseas territories like Reunion (Indian Ocean, near Africa) Guyane (South America), Martinique (Caribbean), Tahiti (South Pacific/Oceania) and so on. Last year there was a big brouhaha because it was the first year the "Miss France DIVA Doyenne", Genevieve de Fontenay was not director of the pageant and she, held her own separate "Miss France" contest.

A Kiss from Alain: French actor Alain Delon gives a congratulatory kiss to the new "Miss France", Delphine Wespiser

This year's pageant was hosted by Jean-Pierre Foucault and the General Director of the Miss France, "Miss France 2002" Sylvie Tellier. Actor--and French GOD--Alain Delon--was also on hand to crown the winner, Delphine. Speaking of the winner...

Swimsuit Delphine: Here is the new "Miss France" during the Swimsuit Competition on Saturday night. The Lycra stretch one-piece gold swimsuits featured lots of crystals, illusion front neckline panels and a multi-tiered tulle overskirt. I almost thought I was looking at photos form an ISU Grand Prix Ice Dancing Competition! I really hope they were playing Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" while they did their swimsuit runway strut!

Mini Scarlett: "Miss Alsace" Delphine Wespiser (and future "Miss France") during the "Scarlett O'Hara"-themed portion of the night's televised pageant (don't ask, it's the French!).

Now, lets discuss the AWFUL QuinceaƱera-like gowns the finalist wore. Please.

Sylvie Tellier (on the left) is thinking "Thank Dieu I am NOT wearing THAT!!!"

What Does This:

Have to do with this:

Scarlett O'Hara Queens: The Top Two, "Miss Pays de Loire" (left) and "Miss Alsace" (right) as "Miss France 2012" is about to be announced

The evening gowns of the finalists for "Miss France" is for some reason a BALL GOWN affair. It has been like this for several years now, and I just don't get it. For a country so synonymous with FASHION and Haute Couture and STYLE, for that matter, why oh why, do their beauty pageant girls, look so dated, over-the-top tacky-licious, and frankly not stylish or fashionable?? There is a complete and utter disconnect. Seriously, take a look at the photo above: they are wearing THE SAME BAD tacky gown...But different color ways!

There must be a gown sponsor and well, they pretty much have no choice. Or maybe it is a "Princess Sissi" (above) or Scarlett O'Hara Gown theme for all the finalists. But even then---these are BAD representations of those Princess Sissi gowns, imagine if someone like Alber Elbaz was asked to create his interpretation of those gowns? (I'm sure the "Miss France" organization probably couldn't afford his design fee!).

Don't Cry...you don't have to wear that gown ever again!

Oh well, maybe next year, the organization will change it's QuinceaƱera ways and get with the 2012 program and have the girls wear some GORGEOUS Stephane Rolland Haute Couture gowns! Anything but those polyester iridescent organza nightmare styles would be a good change. Something tells me that Delphine won't be wearing that (above) at the 2012 Miss Universe pageant--as long as MY French Gays get to her!!!

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